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3D Character and Environment Design


Tools used: Nomad Sculpt for character sculpting & rendering,

Maya for Interior Modeling & Rendering

My grandfather is a stubborn old man. He loves family very much. But as time passed, his children all had their own families and jobs and left home. He was the only one left in the big house. But because of his character, he was reluctant to declare his loneliness. He just kept telling his family that he was in all kinds of trouble, using it as an excuse for them to visit him more often.

I used this as inspiration to create this story of House: an old man lives in an intelligent house, which takes care of his life perfectly. One day, an accident causes the artificial intelligence to go wrong, and the appliances start to go crazy and make a series of jokes leading to the destruction of the house. However, when the old man stood in the destroyed house but showed a smile of triumph: he finally had an excuse to call his son.


I hope this animation can call on people to spend more time with the elderly, even though most of the time they won't tell you they want you to do so. 

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