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I really love storytelling. Lots of films were born from my observation on my daily life. I believe that visuals serve the story, so I've had many attempts: 2D animation, 3D animation, games, experimental animation, motion graphics etc.

Flying Turtle

2D Animation Film

One day, a little girl saw a turtle hanging from a crane by a fishing net. The girl took a picture that a turtle was flying in the sky and posted it on the Internet with Tag #FlyingTurtle. However, the photo went viral on the Internet, causing a huge trend. People from all over world begin to talk about this turtle....


Experimental Animation

This is an experimental animation about stray animals. The film combined hand drawing and live-action shooting, using metaphor to show the audiences why the pets are abandoned, and what will happen to these homeless animals.


2D Interactive Game Demo

In this game, players will control a young boy, in the war-torn city ruins to collect items. Eventually when all the items are collected, the game will reveal a sad truth.

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